Paginating, Sorting and Collation

We can paginate, sort and collate all records which are sorted by our medical staff with knowledge and experience gained from over 25 years of working closely with medical experts, as well as clinical negligence and personal injury lawyers.



Perfect for personal injury cases
and when budgets are tight.

Sort & Collation (Brief):

  • Records are sorted into an easy-to-use-format.
  • Focus is given to the relevant events and subsequent continuing care.
  • Records are paginated and an index produced.
  • Some missing records can be pointed out.


A well-sorted and thoroughly presented set of medical records are pivotal in developing a client’s case

Sort & Collation (Detailed):

  • Records are sorted into an easy-to-use-format with all admissions and clinics forming the basic backbone of the structure.
  • The records are paginated and a detailed index produced.
  • Radiology disc contents are listed.
  • Missing records are noted, and inconsistencies or discrepancies highlighted.


Having worked with Personal Injury and Medical Negligence firms for many years, MCB is aware of the time-consuming nature of preparing legal bundles.

Other Legal Bundles:

  • Documents are copied and collated in order to prepare Court/Trial Bundles, Lists of Documents and Instructions to Counsel.
  • An index is drafted and the documents thoroughly checked against the index.
  • Document duplication and scanning are completed where required.