Why Choose Us - Case Studies

Quick Turnaround

Why Choose Us - Case StudiesMCB was contacted on a Friday morning by a Claimant’s solicitor in London who needed a bundle of medical records sorted and summarised urgently within seven calendar days. The solicitor was immediately given a log-in for the Archive Bureau, allowing him to upload the records he had received on disc directly from the various health authorities.  By that same afternoon, the MCB team had printed the records and assigned the case to the most appropriate nurse. By Monday morning, the case had been sorted, paginated and indexed. A full chronology along with a letter detailing any potentially missing records was prepared by the end of the afternoon. As is MCB’s standard procedure, the work was reviewed for clarity and quality by a second nurse, and passed to the finishing team who scanned and uploaded the finished bundle to the Archive Bureau, and then packaged the hard copy for secure delivery to London.  The solicitor therefore received the bundle earlier than expected, and the 8 hours of work could be charged out at his own hourly rate.

Group Action & Multi-party Claims

MCB was contacted by a Defendant’s solicitors and asked to produce tailored reports for hundreds of cases in a very short space of time. The medical records would be coming from various sources, including different Claimants’ solicitors as well as directly from the health authorities. A special team of nurses and supporting staff within MCB were assigned to this task. MCB was responsible for holding all hard copy records and for scanning and putting them onto our Archive Bureau where they were secure and where all parties had 24/7 access to them.  MCB kept all parties up-to-date on the progress of the cases, and ensured that missing records were obtained.

Tailored Services

MCB was contacted by an organisation that required the production of structured reports for over 2,000 patients. MCB created a system to accurately track the work at its various stages, and detailed guidelines were written and information sessions organised in order to ensure that the team of nurses working on the project produced their reports in a consistent manner to the same high standards.  

GP Summaries

MCB is often approached by surgeries in need of summarising their notes. Our nurses will adopt  a surgery’s specific protocol in order to complete patient summaries  via a remote connection or, if local to MCB, on site. To complement this service, MCB’s technical team can scan the paper records for archiving, either on the Archive Bureau or on the surgery’s chosen system (such as EmisWeb).