Supplements and Updates

Medical records will often need updating. This may simply be a few pages that were pointed out as missing from the original disclosure, or hundreds of pages of new disclosure of further treatment. MCB looks at each case on its own merits in order to determine the best way to update the records.


MCB makes it easy for experts to locate the new information.

Insertions/Further Disclosure:

  • The updating medical records can be inserted into the original bundle where they logically belong or simply added onto the end.
  • The updating medical records are tracked so that it is clear that not all documentation was disclosed at the same time, and so that the new records that need reviewing are easily found.


Because MCB scans the bundles, there’s no need to send the original paperwork again in order to update it.


  • Resorting and repaginating the updating medical records with the original records is sometimes necessary to produce a coherent bundle.
  • The original and the updating medical records can be tracked to ensure that pages that were referenced in earlier reports can be easily found.


MCB incorporates the new information and presents it in a logical manner.


  • MCB is often instructed to update or redo work that was originally done by other companies.