Summaries and Analyses

In addition to our indexed bundles, a summary report or chronology of events can be prepared which enables legal teams to better identify confounding or excluding factors that might have an impact on a case. 

Discrepancies and inaccuracies in their understanding of the records are more likely to become evident when a summary is prepared.

This is invaluable when you need a brief understanding of the medical timeline without having to review each individual document.

Summary (Brief):

  • This is a bullet point summary of relevant events and the page numbers where further information can be found.
  • The summary will highlight events that the index cannot when relevant information is in the form of correspondence.


It’s more than a timeline – It’s the relevant details.

Summary (Full):

  • This is a detailed summary of relevant medical history.
  • Significant events are broken down by time and greater detail is provided, such as the physician’s comments regarding causation, prognosis or permanency.
  • Missing records are more easily identified along with inaccuracies or discrepancies.


MCB has the staff and systems in place to handle multi-party and high volume cases.

Tailored Reports and Services:

  • Templates can be created and continually developed to suit the changing needs and requirements of the project.
  • Training and guidance documents will be thoroughly prepared to ensure that all report-writers are producing the same high quality work.
  • All documentation can be securely shared by all relevant parties 24/7 on our Archive Bureau website.
  • GP Summaries can be done remotely or, if local to MCB, on site with systems such as Emis Web.
  • Communication between all parties is ensured, be they the patient, NHS trusts, experts or legal firms.
  • Medical records and further information can be obtained by MCB on the client’s behalf.