Duplicating, Scanning and Archiving

MCB has a technical team to copy or scan all paper documents into electronic format.

The scanning service extends beyond the simple scan to ensure that all typed text is searchable and document sections are bookmarked.


Scanning brings cost and efficiency benefits


  • Using our state-of-the-art digital photocopiers, you are ensured crisp, clear copies of all of your records.
  • Scanning technology allows us to rapidly scan different kinds of documents to any digital format at print-quality resolutions.
  • Paper sizes for scanning range from receipt-sized formats through to A0, as well as lengthy banners or tracings.


It's interactive! You'll be surprised at how much you can do with a PDF document


  • OCRing and enabling technology means that PDF documents are searchable and can be annotated - Highlight relevant phrases, circle important points.
  • Comments and excerpts are easily shared between different parties in different locations.


Significantly reduce storage and handling costs


  • Medical records can be copied to a disc or a USB stick as well as on our online server (The Archive Bureau).
  • Using office space to keep boxes full of your documents is wasteful when there is an alternative. 


Access your documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Online Storage with The Archive Bureau

  • The Archive Bureau website was designed specifically to make the instantaneous sharing of documents easy.
  • Once registered, you can create your own users to file share any of your selected records. This is perfect for complex cases that require large amounts of experts to have access to the records.
It's research made easy
  • as the documents have been OCR’d, our search facility allows you to look throughout all of your stored documents for important words, phrases and dates simultaneously.
  • View CVs of medical experts who work with our interactive documents.
Keep your rooms tidy and your documents online and accessible
  • The Archive Bureau offers you added security: from the protocols in place that prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands to the back-ups of the data in a UK data centre with multiple redundancy.



Ensuring the quickest distribution time possible

Login to the Archive Bureau

  • Simply log in and you can instantaneously share your documents with friends, family, colleagues, employees or customers. Moreover, you can have the system tailored to your own corporate identity with company logos and colours. After all, it’s your working space.