Frequently Asked Questions

MCB recognises that some cases are urgent and need to be turned around more quickly than others. With a large and flexible team of nurses along with the facility to upload records directly to us, our turnaround can be only a matter of days. We work to your deadline.

A8 to A0 Size and up to 10 metres in length in black and white, grayscale or colour. Documents longer than 5 metres can be scanned as tif, jpeg or pdf files, but Adobe Acrobat is limited to reading pdf files up to 200 inches in length. From Lloyd George Cards to long, thin tracings, we will ensure that all of your documents are put into electronic form.

Numerous reasons for scanning your documents are already covered on our scanning page. Aside from the cost efficiencies inherent to scanning, bundles that have already been scanned do not need to be returned to us for updating when further records are disclosed. Forward the further disclosure alone and MCB will easily update the scanned bundle as appropriate. The resulting updated bundle is orderly and easy to navigate.

 MCB’s standard credit terms are 60 days. It is possible to arrange deferred payments on cases or projects, but this needs to be cleared with the management at the instruction.

According to Part 44 detailing general rules on costings, solicitors are allowed to charge for the work of sorting and summarising medical records as profit costs. MCB's charges form part of the solicitor's charges and, therefore, can be claimed as fee earner time and charged at the conducting fee earner's rate. And that time can also attract a success fee of up to 100%!